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Somnova Studios Presents: Missing Stars: Act One

Hello everyone,

It's been 2,845 days since this project officially began, which is, well, a long time. Lots of things have happened since then, including several character reboots, scene changes, taking on new artists and writers, and so much more that I can't even describe it all.

We've written 249,714 words, created over 650 original images, and have close to two hours of original music, all culminating in an astounding 25-hour playtime for all routes.

During these past 2,845 days, we've learned a lot about game development, made some lifelong friendships, and have worked together on something we really believe in.

Its truly been an incredible experience working with everyone, and our team has done an equally incredible job making our project a reality.

So, it is with great joy that I can finally say...

Missing Stars: Act One is now available.

You can grab the game on our website!

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we'll be releasing updates to the game as time goes on. This includes:
  • Additional CGs and backgrounds
  • Further updates to sprites
  • New music
  • Bugfixes
  • Edits and script revisions
We've even included a fancy web updater for the game! Simply click "Update" and the program will do the rest. 

Please stay tuned as we continue development on Missing Stars!

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