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Happy Halloween!

Hey all! It's that time of year again, with tons of candy and costumes to accompany you off this mortal coil.

Speaking of costumes, we have a few to show you! First is our Dynamic Russian Duo, Sofyia and Natalya! Kuroe did an excellent job, as always.

They'll suck the capitalism right out of you!

Second is... a new character?

Introducing Eleanor Tabrizi! She also goes by Nell, if that's more convenient for you. A close friend of Katja's, the two of them spend a lot of time together outside of school. Likhos whipped up a very cute picture of her in a cat onesie. We even have a nice introductory Halloween-themed story featuring her, written by our own messiessie. Here's a link to download a PDF version!

It's im-PAWS-ible to not like her. 

Eora has made a few concept pieces of her, so here's a few never-before-seen sketches! We hope you enjoy this extra treat as we continue to work on Missing Stars.

We may have made her too cute.
(Original character concept by Gloom)