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Happy Holidays!

Well, it's that time of year again; time for a few updates and some talking points for 2017.

Game progress has been moving forward at a steady pace – we now have a finalized version of our UI (thanks, Morthiasik!) and a better, smoother method of pushing out proper Ren'Py scripts to production. Kuroe (whom some of you have seen posting adorable artwork on our Discord server) swiftly moved in to replace one of our writers and has done a complete overhaul of the Twins route in only a few weeks time. Programming-wise, we're taking those Ren'Py scripts I mentioned earlier and actually making them work with new assets. Merlyn LeRoy has been our backbone on this aspect of the project, and he has been invaluable in getting the skeleton of the game up and running. Ultra_HR and Blank Mage have also been checking things out in an effort to help.

On the art side of things, we're still on the hunt for talented sprite artists to help make our characters come to life. While this may sound like a common request from us, we always try to reach out and find new talent as much as we can. If you're interested in a project such as ours, message us!

As always, you guys – our fans – have been amazingly patient as we do our darnedest to make Missing Stars a reality. It's neat to see our Discord abuzz with interested fans, and I really want to make sure everyone will enjoy our visual novel. We've managed to hit over 500,000 pageviews, which has been an incredible number to take in. Thanks a bunch, fans!

If you're an early follower or a brand-new one, thanks for taking the time to watch us grow as a team. 2017 is looking bright!

Happy Holidays!

Jeanne loves hot cocoa.