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'Tis the Season to be Spooky

The leaves are falling, the memes are spooky, and pumpkin spice is suddenly a financially viable flavor again. And with the change of the seasons comes a blog post.

You may recall our last blog post recruited one writer, and actually, we ended up securing a few more to boot, one of them being me. I'm Blank Mage, and I have to say, it's weird seeing these posts from the opposite side of the fence. I'm like your man on the inside now. I've infiltrated the headquarters, bringing you intel.

Since our last update, things have settled down considerably as us new writers are brought up to speed with old material, and a push is being made to categorize and integrate the enormous amount of raw material into something that works when you click on it. This means new backgrounds, new CGs, new UI, and a whole mess of formatting. It's slow going, but it is going. Really, the hard part is getting all of us in one room at the same time, something our resident Discord lackeys fans can attest to.

But it wouldn't be an update without at least one image, and Kuroe, one such an obliging fan, has graced us with a Halloween gift. Sadly, our dedicated artists are too busy making art happen to dedicate time to the blog, but on the bright side, our dedicated artists are too busy making art happen to dedicate time to the blog. In related news, we're still on the lookout for artists, especially ones proficient at backgrounds, to help speed up production as much as possible as we enter a new phase of development. If you think you’ve got what it takes, feel free to get in touch either on our forums or through Discord, so that ye may be judged.

Erik took the photo, so you'll just have to imagine his costume.

Now, as for actual secrets, I have a few I can probably get aw- oh god it was a joke I wasn't going to I swe-