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Another Year, Another Blog Post!

It's 2016! That means leap years, presidential elections, and a progress update from Somnova!

2015 has been busy for a lot of us. Some of us moved across the country, others got new jobs and responsibilities, and several members have had to leave due to changes in their lives.

But what hasn't changed is our dedication to this project. Despite our silence, we assure you guys that we're working hard behind the scenes to bring you Act 1! Let's go over where we're at in terms of writing, sprites, and other stuff.

Writing: As of writing this blog post, we've entered the final stages of writing and editing Act 1. Our new editors have done a great job in helping us make some great improvements for the story and our lovely characters. Kosherbacon and myself have slowly begun work on Act 2 for Lena and Jeanne, respectively.

Sprites: Morthaisik, AngryEvil, and Hexagod have been champs of sprite making. Check these sweet-ass sprites below:



Other Stuff:  Aaron joined us late this year willingly offering his generous services for background work. He's taken some great shots for our school campus, so stay tuned for some stellar backgrounds!

I've also been working on an actual website for Missing Stars, which we'll have up before the demo is released.

Speaking of, the scripting and design of the demo is going well. All it really needs to get started are some finished sprites and backgrounds!

Once again, we thank all of our fans for being awesomely patient and cool. It's thanks to your support that we've been able to keep going and getting that much closer to making this project a reality.

Thank you!


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