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Resetting Panic Levels

Oops it's been three and a half months since our last blog post. My bad. So, where to begin? I guess there's some good news, and some bad news. Which is which depends on how you feel about this project as a whole.

Let's start with what I consider the bad news:

At the start of the year, we said some very bold things about setting ourselves an ultimatum for having our demo completed by the end of the year. If we couldn't achieve that, we were just going to call it quits.

We're now entering the last quarter of 2016 and we're nowhere close to the level of completion that we need to be. It's not that we've made no progress, it's just that we haven't made enough. When this project was started, I wasn't even a member. I joined a couple years into its development, personally. So did a large percentage of the current team. For most of us, we were in the early years of college, or working part-time jobs to make ends meet. Now, a lot of us have graduated, and gone on to get real jobs. Some of us will be starting university soon and don't know what to expect. While it's not that nobody cares anymore, it's just that we can't always put in as much time as we once could.

So where does that put us now?

Well, it's time for the good news: fuck the deadline.

Our pride and dignity may suffer as we go back on our word (even after specifically saying that we wouldn't) but we're going to keep at it, even after the year ends. The deadline was imposed because we didn't want to keep wasting time indefinitely if it wasn't going to get anywhere. But honestly, making the last three years a waste would be just as bad.

We'll keep working, even if people stop caring or give up on us. Because we've come to far at this point to give up on ourselves. Everybody has a midlife crisis - we just have to get over ours.

If you have an urge to join us in our struggle of self-improvement, we're currently taking applications for all roles, including writers. Our biggest need is still a background artist. If you'd like to apply, please post on the relevant section of our forums or feel free to PM me (raithfyre) there directly.

And as always, you can talk about the post on there too.

Kind of irrelevant but I've included a couple actual colored sprites. One is the hands-down best romance option in the game, and the other is Isolda.

(Just kidding, it's actually Erik's dad)