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Blog Post - June 1st

Summer's here, and Summer always brings warm feelings, good tidings, and a whole host of other nice things. Right? Right.

Sorry that we haven't posted anything lately. Just like the last few posts have said, there's not a whole lot to report. Most of our announcements tend to follow either something very good, or very bad. There's been neither, for a long while now. But still, people have been getting kinda antsy, and with good reason, so here's the scoop:

A while ago, we said that we were done with the script, barring some editing and minor revisions. Well, as our new editors looked things over, it became more obvious that the needed revisions weren't exactly minor after all. So, there's been a lot of heavy reworking. Scenes are being rewritten, new scenes are being added, and even the general pathing of Act 1 is being adjusted slightly. All that's going well, and at a good pace, but it's not particularly thrilling to hear about, so we haven't made a big fuss over it.

On the artistic front, you've probably noticed but our old friend ProNice has rejoined us, as well as Nyki. They're both helping out with CG's, and ProNice is also doing some sprite work. Relatedly, if you're a background artist looking for a project to join, hit us up.

Moving forward, I can't promise more regular updates, but do rest assured that we'll inform you if anything big happens. With summer starting, all of us should be able to make faster progress than we have been. Most of us have been held back by school, moving, or working on other projects. Summer resolves a few of those issues, and so the train of progress should be getting back on track. Here's hoping, at least.