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Happy Holidays! (2014 Remix)

Well folks, it's been a long year. Three hundred and fifty-nine days so far, to be exact. It's been an important one for us here at Somnova, though. We made a tremendous amount of progress, and it's been our pleasure to share it with you all.

In case anyone is joining us late here, I'll recap a couple important things that happened with regards to Missing Stars.

-For one thing, our art team grew three sizes larger. Now consisting of Angry Evil, Hexagod, Honitsu, Lian-Ne, Mike Inel, Morthiasik, and Sendo, we've been crankin' out art at a pretty consistent pace. And it looks better than ever before.

-We showed off some of our sprites, and went into the process of their creation.

-The world at large got its first look at Missing Stars in action, while also revisiting some of the earlier concepts.

Bit of an update to that last one, too. The very next day after posting that blog, Sendo, being the all-star that he is, cranked out a couple updated versions of the bedroom background that you can see in the gameplay video. Here's a brief look at that.

* * *

We had some big expectations for this year. Some of them were met, some were not. Overall though, I couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished as a team. And, I know that I say this in almost every blog post, but thanks so much to you guys for sticking with us. We know that we've been taking a while with this thing, but we hope that you'll think it was worth it in the end.

Plus, just because Democember didn't end up happening doesn't mean that we don't have anything for you folks this year. Click the present below for a couple neat gifts to string up on your desktops, if you're so inclined.

Additionally, come celebrate and be festive with us on the forums.

From all of us here at Somnova Studios: happy holidays!