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Regularly-Promised-But-Not-Delivered-Upon Progress Report

A month ago, I swore I was going to do one of these every two weeks.

For the most part, there isn't a whole lot to say here, given that we're in a bit of a slow phase. Or at least a boring phase, because editing progress isn't exactly thrilling to read about.

I can, however, announce one of the artists I had mentioned a while back. She's recently begun working on some actual stuff for Missing Stars, so I'm comfortable saying who she is: Lian-ne will be a welcome addition to the Missing Stars art team, helping out with some of the side characters' art. Additionally, there are two other promising applicants to the team which are still pending, for various reasons. More on them later.

One bit of nice news is that we can finally, with 100% certainty, confirm that Mike Inel will be providing animations for Missing Stars. In the past, there's been some confusion among the audience, and even among ourselves, as to whether or not he's still on board. We recently touched base with him, though, and verified that he is. Animation production will begin in early 2015, when he has some more free time on his hand. At the moment, I couldn't say whether or not there will be any animations in the demo, though it's looking like "no."

Finally, simply to keep this blog post from being excessively short, I'm going to partially fulfill a promise from long ago, and introduce you to one of our side characters.

Ela is the first of many characters we'll likely receive flak for not making romanceable. A Saint Dymphna's student in the same grade as Erik, Ela is also largely responsible for showing him around the school - she's a bit of a teacher's pet. Although, with her popularity amongst the student body, you could argue that she's a bit of an everyone's pet. Ela makes her debut early into the game, being one of the first people that Erik meets at the new school, and she's got at least something of a presence across all of the routes. She wouldn't have it any other way.

Come yell at us about not giving her a route on the forums.