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Current State of Missing Stars Pt. 2

So you may remember our previous blog post having a call for new artists.

The bad news is, we didn't get any artists.

The good news is, we're doing what every indie game without artists does. 

We're going retro! Missing Stars is now being done in the classic style of video games' past, and the early results are looking great! For instance, here's our menu, now updated with the new style:

Also, we have already started rewriting our soundtrack to match the new look. We present you two songs off of the Missing Stars soundtrack in monophonic, hi-fidelity 8-bit glory.

We also started on converting our already existing sprites, but our conversion algorithm isn't quite working as planned:
We'll have something better by tomorrow hopefully.

We know this a bold, new direction for Missing Stars that you probably weren't expecting, but we assure you it is for the best. We hope you will come to see this the same way we do: the way Missing Stars was always supposed be.

You can discuss our new direction on our forums.