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Insanity and all

Slowly, with the hush of candles going out and final kisses stolen under the cover of darkness, Valentine's Day of 2014 comes to an end. Whether you spent the day holding hands with and coming closer to your loved one, like Isolda, exchanging meaningful glances over a specially made dinner, like Jeanne, or simply busying yourself thinking how you'll organize all of those new chocolates when you get back to your room (and who'll do something like that?), we hope each and every one of you had a wonderful time.

Much as with writing, in this sense, there's something fundamentally paradoxical about love: it's an intensely personal experience, private, even - yet in the same time it is meaningless unless shared with another. Few people could attest to that complexity right now, in those final, fervid moments before night becomes morning and holy becomes every, than Erik Wilhelm, whose woes are laid bare in Worthington's new Valentine's Day short story, "Expectations". Be sure to give it a read - he made it just for you, you know.

(N-not that he likes you, or anything silly like that.)

It'd be longer, but then, sometimes all it takes is a few written words to say how much you care about someone. Besides, he's been keeping his priorities in mind - else we wouldn't be able to say that just a few days ago (defying everyone's expectations of a certain eyepatch wearing girl) he's finally finished his work on Annaliese' route for the demo, bringing us that step much closer. Stay tuned over the next few months for more news - there's been a lot going on behind the stages (when is that ever not the case?), and eager that we are to tell you all about it, everything in due time.

Waiting can just make it sweeter.