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Status Update

Development has come quite a ways since the last one of these, and we felt it was high time to put out a status update. Right now we’re still trying to identify what assets we need and who’s in charge of completing them, this makes progress understandably difficult. Despite some troubles, we’ve still managed to make some progress on all fronts.

Our writing team is chugging along merrily, coming closer and closer to completing their scenes for Act 1, after which it’ll be just a matter of polish. As it stands, I’d estimate we have 60% of the first drafts for Act 1 scenes done. The editing process is only just beginning, and that remains a large chunk of work. The outline for Act 1 is complete however, so it’s just a matter of getting all the scenes written up and polished.

On the art side of things, the art team is moving along slowly but surely. The sprite production process looks to be a fairly long one, with several stages of iteration and refinement so making a real declaration of progress isn’t too easy. Little is finalized in terms of art assets, our artists are still experimenting with character designs, something I expect to continue for quite awhile.

Music production has been a bit slow. We have a fair few drafts for character themes and general music, but little in the way of polished work. Getting the right feel for each character is a tricky business, and I don’t expect character music to become finalized any time soon. Regardless, it’s still very interesting to watch our talented musicians refine their pieces.

And so, that’s a brief overview of where the project stands at the moment. Going forward we’re hoping to hammer out some organizational issues to help speed production along and we’ll no doubt be busy in the near future. Thanks to everyone interested enough to check in.

On a not completely unrelated note, we’re currently recruiting for artists and musicians. Please check the recruitment thread at:
Developer Recruitment - Open

- QbertEnhanced