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A Little Something For You

Hello everyone!

We know we've been silent for longer than usual, but sometimes no news is the best news. As the heat of summer (or, for those in the Southern Hemisphere, the cold of winter) keeps us inside, we're pushing even harder to make this game a reality. There's a lot of stuff we've been hard at work on, and we hope you're excited for what we have in store! Our slaves writers are hard at work, as well as our crack team of artists, musicians, and programmers.

Also, today marks six whole months of development! Thank you for your continued support of our game and its development. As a reward for tolerating our existence, here's a little something.

Art by naso4

Meet Erik Wilhelm, the main character of Missing Stars. He's a laid back and generally good-humoured fellow. Born in Switzerland, Erik has been an avid hiker for most of his life. Even at St. Dymphna's, the outdoors is still very much in Erik's blood, and he can often be found walking about the campus at all hours.

But wait! We're not done yet! One of our composers, Astartus, has been hard at work with some tunes for Missing Stars. We don't want to reveal too much too soon, but he's agreed to give you this little demo of three of our songs!

There's a character theme in this demo. Can you guess whose it is?