Friday, September 26, 2014

How to Destroy Angles (NSFW)

Note: This post contains nudity and shouldn't be viewed if you're in a place where nudity isn't appreciated, like work or a children's play park.

Hello again friends. Today's blog isn't a progress one, so much as it is showing you a little bit of the artistic process. Some people might not find this stuff all that engaging, but we've had a few requests for a sprite post, so here ya go. In order to actually have something interesting and factual to read, I've asked Morth to kinda walk through his process some. Enjoy.

Morthiasik here, artist responsible for Isolda artworks. Because I am the first one to have completed a basic set of main heroine linearts, I have the privilege of writing about how it's even made.

At the beginning, Raith handed me assignment document with list of all poses, expressions and outfits needed. Thankfully everything was nicely organised and no single change was made later, I could just do my work without worries that something might be thrown away later. At this stage I began figuring out each pose, making quick gesture sketches to establish posture and Isolda's body language. It looked practically like this:


Once Raith (and fellow artists) approved everything, I could transform stick figures to full bodies with faces and polish it a little. Here I could also do last corrections concerning anatomy, proportions and even head angles. To make things much easier in the future, I drew nude sketches of all the poses lined up, ready for further development:
I call it pose chart and it's super useful.

Now we'll focus on pose number 2:

Here's tiny sketch resized to enormous size of 2000x4000 pixels. On top of this I made sketch of school uniform (other outfits to be added later) and started slow, line by line process of inking. I use Paint tool SAI for my drawings, not only because I generally like this software, but also for one important function. That thing called Smoothing, here set to S-2 is a magical tool that actually allows me to draw long, clean lines like with traditional thin brush. Otherwise my lines would be extremely wobbly and simply ugly.

Along the way I had to redone hair and eyes, to match up MS style set by our Style Dictator AngryEvil. Unfortunately I haven't kept old files, so I'm not able to show it. Anyway, here's the result:


When I'm finished I add new layers with different face expressions (few times consulted with Raith again):

~You'll see what else Isolda has to offer in game~

This way I made all of six poses of Isolda in St.Dymphna's School uniform with total of 34 faces. Now it’s my job to draw her in different apparel and subsequently, color this all!

As a bonus, have some concepts of her casual outfit:

Well, that's all from me today, regards!

Personally, I'm a fan of outfits 2 and 3, but we haven't really settled on anything yet. Feel free to chime in if you've got some suggestions.

With the addition of a couple new artists, including a dedicated colorist, we've finally begun to start inking in some of our sprite lineart, rather than just the uncolored versions we've been sharing. The final coloring style still remains to be determined, but we're getting there. Have a sneak peek below, though.

I'm really running out of semi-witty things to end these blog posts with, so we'll leave it at that. Come post on the forums and tell us what you think.